#04 2020

SAEON in the media

An article by Professor James Blignaut, a SAEON honorary research associate, was published in Daily Maverick on August 5. In the article titled Investing in unsustainable farming is reckless and endangers our future, Prof Blignaut cautions that extending credit to unsustainable agricultural enterprises affects the quantity and quality of aeons-old natural resources meant to support life for centuries to come.

SAEON research features in an article published in the June 2020 edition of Wool Farmer titled Klimaatsverandering en die aanpassings wat veeboere sal moet maak. According to the article, SAEON has observed dramatic bush encroachment in South Africa’s savanna, grassland and fynbos biomes. The savanna is expanding into the adjacent grassland areas, while the existing savanna areas are changing into dense thickets impenetrable to humans and animals.

Arid Lands Node

An article on the rare fairy shrimps slumbering beneath the land speed racecourse on Hakskeenpan was published in Afrikaans on page 6 of Northern Cape newspaper Gemsbok on August 14. The article was also republished on the website of the Foundational Biodiversity Information Programme of the South African National Biodiversity Institute.

An article by Dr Richard Dean, a SAEON Honorary Research Associate, titled Nursery Rhymes – Snapshot of past events, or messages for life? was published in the June 2020 edition of Prince Albert Friend.

SAEON student Callum Clarke’s articles, Prince Albert’s Water (In)Security and Nature’s Gardeners of The Night were published in the June and August editions of Prince Albert Friend, respectively.

Egagasini Node

Incorporating Social-Ecological Systems Thinking in Marine Science Research and Ocean Governance, by SAEON’s Tania Duba and Nicole du Plessis, was published on page 9 of the April-June 2020 NAM S&T Newsletter.

Elwandle Node

Prof Tommy Bornman, manager of SAEON’s Elwandle Coastal Node, is cited in an article titled Suurstofskaarste in die see: as die visse nie asem kry nie (Oxygen deficiency in the ocean: if fish can’t breathe) published in Vrye Weekblad on July 24.

An article by well-known science journalist Sarah Wild titled Cloud Computing to Help Save Cape’s Unique Flora as SA Team win Google Earth Grant was first published by GroundUp and then syndicated to the following media outlets in July: Daily Maverick, AllAfrica.com, SA People News Online, Getaway, Cape Town ETC and Safrica24. The article describes how a team of researchers from SAEON’s Fynbos Node developed a high-tech method of catching problems in the fynbos before they irreparably damage an area. Sarah also tweeted about this.