#06 2021

The next chapter…

  • Johan, we owe you a tremendous debt of gratitude that can only be repaid by our continuing to evolve and grow to full maturity. Now it is time for you to pursue the enrichment of your own life just as you have enriched countless other lives. You will be missed and remembered and revered. ~ Dr Theo Jongwana  
  • Johan, I wish you well in your retirement. You have worked hard and have contributed immensely to our beloved country. I am proud of my association with you. But more importantly, you made a difference in my life. ~ Dr Abeda Dawood 
  • Johan, may you find the peace and quiet you deserve after a very successful career at SAEON and the NRF. Go well! ~ Dr Albert van Jaarsveld 
  • I hope Johan will continue to help SAEON with a steady hand, where needed, far into the future. The need for SAEON in this challenging century has never looked greater. ~ William Bond 
  • I wish Johan nothing but happiness and peace over this next phase of his life. I hope that he takes time out to travel and enjoy the outdoors and I would just like to remind him that there will always be a berth saved for him on our research cruises! ~ Grant van der Heever 
  • May you have a wonderful retirement and be ready to start collecting long-term data wherever you settle. Enkosi. ~ Phumlile Cotiyane  
  • Enjoy your retirement and feel free to pop in and entertain us with your humour. ~ Tim Parker-Nance  
  • Enjoy your retirement, we are coming to set up that LTER site when you’ve settled down – citizen science awaits… Best wishes ~ Lucienne Human  
  • If you are bored during retirement, you can always come to the Elwandle lab and have fun with our word-class instruments as a “retired MD intern”  ~ Tarryn Swartbooi 
  • We hope you enjoy adventuring across all the biomes in your retirement, and that you can check in on many of their fluxes with some SAEON-apps when you feel so inspired!  ~ Julia Glenday, Post-Doctoral Researcher – Ecohydrology  
  • “Goodbye tension, hello pension.” ~ Oko Sotshongaye