#06 2020

SAEON in the media

An article by Professor James Blignaut, a SAEON honorary research associate, was published in Daily Maverick on November 16. In the article titled Data, information, knowledge, wisdom: Let’s treasure wisdom in a data-besotted world, Prof Blignaut contemplates what the 5IR commodity might be? And wants to know what has happened to wisdom?

A second article by Professor Blignaut appeared in Daily Maverick on December 7. In the article, The barefoot economist: Let’s put 2020 to bed and bring in a 2021 of restorative economics, he asks readers to imagine a primary sector which, instead of mining resources, grows resources for both the current and future generations.  

Arid Lands Node

PhD student Lavhelesani Simba’s research on the dung beetles of the Karoo is highlighted in Firewood spreading borer beetle, an article published in Cape Times of December 15. Lavhelesani’s PhD study focused on dung beetles living on six livestock farms and in five protected areas. These protected areas include Tierberg, managed by SAEON.

Lavhelesani’s research is also featured in an article titled Fascination with insects leads to PhD published on the Stellenbosch University website on December 14.

Egagasini Node

Professor Juliet Hermes, manager of SAEON’s Egagasini Node, was interviewed for the Canadian publication Gender equity in ocean science 2020. The publication presents six recommendations to support gender equity in ocean science, developed through a literature review and 18 expert interviews with ocean leaders from 11 countries, representing ocean research, policy and industry.

An article by Prof Hermes titled Ocean Best Practices OBPS Success Story – GOOS-Endorsed Best Practices, appeared in Earthzine, the magazine of the IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society, on December 12. The article was reproduced from Good, Better, and Best, a newsletter on Ocean Best Practices.

uLwazi Node

A primary research article titled Large uncertainties in future biome changes in Africa call for flexible climate adaptation strategies, was published online in Global Change Biology on November 5. Co-written by Dr Claire Davis-Reddy, Data Science Manager at SAEON’s uLwazi Node, the article covers some of her work for her PhD using the adaptive Dynamic Global Vegetation Model to access historical and future vegetation change across Africa.

Dr Jasper Slingsby, biodiversity scientist at SAEON’s Fynbos Node, is cited in an article titled Pyrocene Cape: Inside the furnace of Table Mountain’s fire starters published in Daily Maverick on December 12.