#02 2024

NRF-SAEON in the media

In celebration of Earth Day 2024, Dr Londiwe Mabuza, NRF-SAEON’s specialist for research and planning, was interviewed for a science and technology feature. Dr Mabuza said this annual event is a time to focus on the environmental issues across the planet and to highlight the efforts being made so we can continue to protect it. The interview was broadcast on Ikwekwezi FM on April 24.

Arid Lands Node 

Dr Joh Henschel, author, former manager of the Arid Lands Node and NRF-SAEON research associate, has written the following articles for local newspaper Weslander News and Weslander online:

Walking with Sabretooths, an article by Dr Joh Henschel, was published in Weslander News. It highlights research conducted by University of Cape Town PhD candidate Caitlin Rabe on these prehistoric carnivores. Humans emerged long after these formidable predators had disappeared from the face of the earth.